New York Times Bestselling Writer

and Freelance Editor


As an experienced writer and editor, I provide a variety of services . I am here to help create, shape, and put the finishing touches on projects or manuscripts so you can focus your time and energy on other areas of your business.
Feel free to browse through my website for more details about my freelance writing and editing services and experience. Contact me with any questions or to discuss specific projects.

Writing services provided:

• Nonfiction books

Biographical collaboration
Other collaboration services
• Updates/revisions
• Church ministry resources
• "How-to" magazine articles
• Informative magazine articles
• Other services as needed


Editing services provided:

• Nonfiction books
• Fiction books
• Magazines
• Church ministry resources
• Conference/radio transcripts
• Newsletters
• Website content
• Other services as needed

Note: For book projects, I currently only contract with publishing companies, national ministries, or individuals with literary agents.

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